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Ultrasonic Differences

We believe the proven protective power of copper as harnessed and amplified with barnacleRID and is a superior anti-foul solution to any other out there currently. In particular, anti-foul solutions that use ultrasonic emissions pose a number of risky complications to boat owners. These complications are simply eliminated when considering a barnacleRID solution against barnacles/hard shells. See the differences in the following analysis

Comparison Table

Compare Attribute barnacleRID® Ultrasonic Systems
Materials It Works On Works on all types of Hulls boats and marinas & any type of materials without ANY modification.
barnacleRID is also available in the permanent marina mounted system using shore power, simply cruise in and out for immediate protection encompassing your entire marina pen
  • With portable systems, not the permanent Marina, simply lower the electrodes into the water when moored, stow them when you set tosail
Does NOT work on hulls with core or balsa sandwich layers, and most sandwich layer regardless of material without serious structural modifications best done in dry dock for safety reasons.
  • Dangerous hull modifications must be done to attach ultrasonic transducers to the hull, on majority of boats. Transducer has to be mounted to the inner side of the outside layer, which requires the removal of all other inner layers, leaving a thin outer shell.
Environmental Effects Completely safe for humans and marine life
  • Can swim / fish / dangle feet in water right next to or under the boat when barnacleRID is activated.
  • Our product is green and compliant.
  • Protective field is contained to the boat hull and running gear, no emissions go into the boat or water.
  • Marine micro-organisms are not harmed. The protective field creates an atmosphere undesirable to barnacles preventing them from attaching to your hull and they simply go elsewhere.
Concerns about sonic emissions from Ultrasonic Systems, marine micro-organisms are destroyed at the cellular level
  • Boat owners advised via user manuals to deactivate the system or push the sleep mode button when people are swimming nearby or when you are trying to sleep. Sometimes clicking sound can be heard right through the boat
  • Ultrasonic energy is emitted into the boat and penetrates into the marine environment when ultrasonic systems are in use
  • Marine micro-organisms are destroyed at the cellular level
Installation Very simple DIY installation
  • Custom wiring loom made up to your boat or Marinas specifications as standard
  • No extra wiring required: simple plug and play connections
  • No modifications required to your boat
  • BarnacaleRid does NOT cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, independently tested and this report is available on request.
Complex transducer installation required
  • Hull modifications
  • Tedious & complicated mounting Silicone based gel layer required
  • epoxy glue mixing to attach transducers
Power Usage barnacleRID power draw is minimal and predictable
  • Saves your all-important batteries!
  • Maximum 1.1 Amp @ 13.5V for mono-hulls and catamarans on highest setting in barnacle season in the tropics, 15 Watts max
  • System can operate with power consumption as low as 0.5 Amp, we have 7 climate settings.
  • Ablolute MAXIMUM pewor drain:
    1.11A * 13.5V = 15W / 12V = 1.25 * 24 hrs = 30Ah, battery on MAXIMUM setting Compensate for efficiency you would need 30Ah / 0.8 = 37.5 Ah battery for maximum settings. Half of that for a 24V system
  • It works with 12V and 24V battery systems, 110V AC and 240V AC mains with 50Hz or 60Hz, hence it works world wide.
Power characteristics of ultrasonic systems vary
  • Typical 2 * 40-50W Transducers: about 80-100W
  • Some systems' declared power drain is stated in misleading ways, surprising unsuspecting boat owners
  • For Example: for a 2-Transducer ultrasonic system with 40W transducers (2 * 40W = 80W) 5.9 Amp is drawn @ 13.5V
  • If an ultrasonic system's current draw is claimed to be 0.8 Amp for a 2 * 40W system: the power output is MAXIMUM 0.8A * 13.5V = 10.8W which is nowhere near the claimed 80W total.
  • Higher output power means higher current drain on your boat's batteries

With our record after 10 years of 100% customer satisfaction, and the proven protective power of copper IONS  which have been used for 100s of years to protect against barnacles, we know that our system is the most proven and effective protection against the harmful effects of barnacles there is available today.

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