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Mavric Systems keeps you in touch with your boat remotely via text to your phone ,know what your batteries voltages are,house and start ,bilge status,intruder alerts,shore power disconection alerts,track your vessel,all via alert text to your phone,you can also interrogate your boats systems by simply texting STATUS. see


Developed to provide comprehensive monitoring and control of on board systems and vessel status in both mono-hull and multi-hull craft.  The Bosun will alert you to “real” anomalies such as:-

  • Mains Power failure.
  • Low or High battery voltage in up to 2 separate battery banks.
  • Excessive bilge pump run times.
  • High bilge water level in up to 2 separate bilge compartments.
  • Executive control of emergency pumps in up to 2 separate bilge compartments.
  • Unauthorised entry.
  • Internal movement within the cabin.
  • GPS Geofence breach. (Theft or Anchor slip)


The system is easily installed and includes all sensors required to monitor the systems listed above.  In addition, the Bosun can control:-

  • Emergency pumps. (Executive control of emergency pumps when high bilge level is present for a predetermined period of time.)
  • Onboard lights. ( useful as both a security system and  to make it easy to find your boat in a crowded anchorage at night.)
  • Engine “Kill” feature.
  • Please contact for pricing as every vessel is unique.