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Barnacle Rid Replacement Electrodes - With Socket, Plug & Wiring

$232 AUD

  • Includes Socket, Plug & Wiring
  • Unplug Old and Plug in New Replacement
  • Price each

Price Each

Full electrode including top plug and wiring unplug old, plug in new one.

Comes with simple full installation Instructions.

Electrode Holder can be found => HERE

We ship direct to your door world wide.

1 Electrode

Weight: 5 kg (11lb) – EACH

Size: 36cm x 30cm x 15cm

Fits up to 4 electrodes in this size box.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions36 × 30 × 15 cm
Bare - No plug or wiring

attribute 2 in bare

With Socket & Cabling

in with cabling


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Complete Electrode

User Manual & Storage Box

AC and/or DC Power Sources

Barnacle Rid Computer Controller

Waterproof Connections

Suspension System

Custom Wiring Loom

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