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Barnacle Rid – Electronic Antifoul System – Large Mono Hull/Catamaran – Shore Powered

(5 customer reviews)

$2,895 AUD

  • 14 years Barnaclerid track record world wide.
  • Custom Wiring with document download below.
  • No speed reduction due to barnacle buildup.
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 40%.
  • Reduced boat lift out and antifoul treatment costs.
  • Reduced engine stress.
  • Reduced engine maintenance costs.
3 Years Manufacturer Guarantee


  • This 4 electrode system is suitable for monohull vessels or catamarans up to 65 ft
  • Connects to the AC Mains/Shore Power, both connections are supplied with this kit, see other power options here.
  • Environmentally friendly copper ion based barnacle prevention system

Benefits of barnacleRID

  • Save on:
    • Lift fees
    • Antifoul expenses
    • Maintenance fees
  • Improve boat performance
  • Reduce fuel consumption and cost
  • Less engine wear
  • Compatible with ANY hull type and material
  • Do not need to modify hull
  • Does NOT cause Electrolysis (We can provide technical report upon request)

Basic operational concept of barnacleRID
It creates an environmentally friendly, invisible Copper Ion field around your boat’s hull and running gear.
Since Barnacle Rid is environmentally friendly, it will not kill barnacles or other marine organisms but creates an environment that the barnacle larvae do not like, hence they move and settle elsewhere keeping your hull and running gear free of barnacles.

To see detailed operation please refer to our ‘How It Works’ page.


We will usually ship within 3-5 business days. barnacleRID wiring is custom made for your boat’s or marina’s measurements.

Download the measurement document from the purchased product page. The link to the document is below the ADD TO CART button. Click on the button and download the PDF file. Important: Open the file in a PDF reader. If opened on a phone you may need to zoom in so you can enter the data into the required fields.

Delivery Time

Please allow 14 calendar days for your order to arrive. The barnacleRID system’s wiring is custom made for your boat or marina size. If any concerns please contact us.

Why Buy From Us

More reasons to buy from us:

We insist that you love everything you buy form us. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy for any reason whatsoever. just let us know and we’ll bend over backwards to make things right.

Ordering from barnacleRID is 100% safe and secure so you can rest easy. Your personal details are never shared, sold or rented to anyone either. Your personal details are only used for us to process your order and let us provide service to you.

Returns are easy, simply contact us for a returns number and send your unused item back for fast processing.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 49 × 43 × 35 cm

5 reviews for Barnacle Rid – Electronic Antifoul System – Large Mono Hull/Catamaran – Shore Powered

  1. Matthew Chang

    I wanted to send a word of praise for your Barnaclerid products. Prior to purchasing the 3 electrode unit, I was highly sceptical off their effectiveness to control the dreaded barnacle growth on the hull of my boat. After purchasing the unit and re antifouling my boat, I was amazed at the reduction in growth. No hard barnacles even after over a year in the water whilst using Barnaclerid. My fuel burn is down, maintenance is down and we could not be happier. At our last annual maintenance and repaint. It was simply a matter of washing down the hull, no scraping required. In fact I am so impressed I would happily recommend the use of Barnaclerid to any boater who moors their boat. Again congratulations on the product and thank you for all your ongoing assistance.

  2. Darren Clarke

    We have had your Barnacle Rid System installed on our boat for the past eighteen months. My boat is 24 years old and has leg drives. Prior to having the Barnacle Rid System installed the hull and legs would be subject to numerous barnacles after only a short period of time after anti-fouling. We primarily wanted to stop the barnacles from entering our water intakes and over heating our engines which we have recently replaced with new ones. I work away from Perth for extended periods of time and I’m not home regularly enough to clean the hull and legs. My Dad heard of your system, so we thought we would give it a try. After getting the correct settings with prompt return phone calls from yourself and your agent in Perth we are very pleased with the results we have been getting. We have just had the boat out of the water for annual servicing of the legs and were very pleased to find no barnacles on the hull at all and none in the water intakes of the legs. Not only does your system reduce the number of times I need to get in the water to rub down the hull and legs but it reduces the time I need to spend in the water because I don’t need to scrap away barnacles. The boats on either side of our pen are also seem to be developing less barnacles as well. We have had many fellow boaties at the marina asking what the probes are hanging off the bow and stern of our boat, to which we are more than happy to explain what it is and show them the good results that we are having with Barnacle Rid.

  3. Brian Marshall

    Just had the bottom wiped down only one barnacle found on the whole boat after over 15 months on our swing mooring . We have not used the boat as of late therefore some weed had grown but easily wiped off. So Barnaclerid certainly keeps barnacles off from my 48 foot catamaran.

  4. Grant Shorland

    My boat which is a 65 foot steel passage maker (photographed below) has been moored in Cullen Bay Darwin for the past 14 Months, and it has been 18 Months since the boat was out of the water back in Bundaberg after already using Barnaclerid for 12 months we found no barnacles, she was out of water for general servicing and we had her re anti fouled whilst out for our trip. We then cruised the East coast Australia to the Kimberly’s in Western Australia and then back to Darwin using Barnaclerid at anchorage. During the last 14 Months in Darwin ‘Northern Territory Australia’ the water temperature ranged between 25degrees c, to a high of 33 degrees C, and the Barnaclerid electrodes have been in the water during this time. I had a dive under the boat a few weeks ago, and found the hull completely clear of barnacles, and also the propellers and stern gear without any sign of barnacles which was very impressive. The hull had some slime around the waterline, but this comes off very quickly once the vessel gets under way at 8 knots it is all gone within a few minutes. I would also like to thank you for all your back up service and free advice since I have purchased the Barnaclerid system from your company it has been terrific over the past 2 years or so. I believe your product is a great invention, and it will allow me to haul the boat out of the water every two years or even longer, which is a great saving when you have a boat which displaces 80 tons.

  5. Holly M

    Just thought I’d take a moment to thank you for selling a product that actually does what it is supposed to. My 42’ Cruisers Esprit has been in the very warm waters of South Florida since September of last year when I took it out of Dry Dock.. Along with a lot of TLC at the dry dock, it also got a brand new bottom paint in anticipation of using your product. I’ve had your system on it since then till now, a full 6 months. Have a look at the photos for yourself…pretty impressive Sir.

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Catamaran/Large Mono Hull & Yacht Custom Wiring Document Download
  1. Please download the PDF document by clicking on the download icon, circled   after it opens in a window. The PDF cannot be filled out in this window it needs to be downloaded with the the ‘Save As’ option and opened in a PDF reader. In the PDF reader your boat measurements can be filled in.
  2. Once all the details are provided, please save the document and send it to The email address is in the document as well.
  3. Your customized system will be manufactured to your given specifications.
4 Electrode Systems

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