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How It Works

The operational concept of barnacleRID: It creates an environmentally friendly, invisible Copper Ion field around your boat’s hull and running gear.
Since barnacleRID is environmentally friendly, it will not kill barnacles or other marine organisms but creates an environment that the barnacle larvae do not like, hence they move and settle elsewhere keeping your hull and running gear free of barnacles.

Important: Before you install the barnacleRID System on your vessel you should start with a totally barnacle free, recently anti foul treated hull. Since Barnacle Rid does not kill marine organisms, the already attached barnacles however small they are, can survive under the protective field of barnacleRID. barnacleRID keeps barnacles at bay but will not kill them, hence it is environmentally friendly.

What Are The Benefits of Using barnacleRID?

Don’t continue to let slipping and taking your boat out of the water and antifouling cost you 1000’s of $$ each 12/24 months, when a onetime capital investment on barnacleRID will protected your boat from barnacles/hard shell growth for many seasons.
Some of our customers, before using Barnacle Rid paid for such a maintenance $18,000 (USD). As an example see our Super Yacht testimonial here.

With a barnacleRID investment your $$ return is less than 12 months.

How It Works?

Using Copper Ions, a protective field is established around your hull and running gear which combats barnacle growth, by creating an environment barnacles do not like therefore will not attach to your hull or running gear.

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How To Operate It?

Barnacle Rid only requires one person less than two minutes to lift and stow the electrodes, ready to sail or cruise away. On return simply spend another two minutes returning the electrodes to the water to keep barnacles off your boat. The controller recognizes when the electrodes are in or out of the water and automatically deactivates and activates the protective field again, saving any input from you.

All this whilst using very little battery power. You also have the option to run from shore mains power.

It’s that simple, protected from barnacles/ hard shell growth!!

The best way to prevent barnacles on boats is Barnacle Rid. Simply lower the electrodes into the water when you’re finished with the boat and raise them when you leave. Now your boat is protected from barnacles/hard shell growth again and will be ready whenever you return to cruise away without hassles.
There is no need for killing marine barnacles when you have electronic anti-fouling system using Barnacle Rid.  

Why Barnacle Rid?

Copper has been used by mariners for centuries to prevent barnacles from attaching to their boats. As seen in the picture below, the famous  Cutty Sark sailing ship, built in 1869. The hull was copper sheathed to prevent barnacles/hard shell growth. This solution is rather toxic for marine life, Barnacle Rid takes this concept and makes it environmentally and user friendly. Barnacle Rid uses a non toxic version of copper ions that are generated on demand in the water around the boat and an easy to use computer controller to prevent barnacle growth.

Our sophisticated and proven system enhances the effects of copper’s protective properties, by submerging between 2-4 electrodes (or more dependent of vessels size and configuration) just below the water line of your boat creating an invisible, safe, green friendly non-toxic non-leaching copper Ion field around the hull and running gear. Our sophisticated electronic computer controller with variable controls via touch buttons that are configurable to suit any climate uses low power consumption e.g. 12 volt (500 milliamps to maximum 1.2 Amp hours, depending on climate setting). It works with 12V or 24V and all mains shore power with the optional converter that makes power connection possible with voltages available, 110V AC to 240V AC at 50Hz or 60Hz.

barnacleRID Installation Steps

Step 1

Lift Boat

Lift boat for anti fouling.

  No Barnacle Protection

Step 1

Step 2

Clean Hull

Complete hull clean from all barnacles and hard shell growth.

  No Barnacle Protection

Step 2

Step 3

Apply Anti Foul

Apply anti foul coating which will remain for years to come.

  No Barnacle Protection

Step 3

Step 4

Install barnacleRID System

Before re-launching the boat install the barnacleRID system.
From this point on, barnacleRID should always be active while the boat is moored or anchored.

  Protected From Barnacles

Step 4

Step 5

Re-launching Boat

Re-launch boat into water, barnacleRID ready to protect your vessel.

  Protected From Barnacles

Step 5


The Computer controller and all of its attachments, with the exception of the consumable copper electrodes, are covered to the original purchaser from any design or manufacturing faults for 3 years.

Barnacle Rid is protected by one or more USA and/or foreign patents or patents pending.  We value creativity and will pursue all legal avenues at our disposal to protect Barnacle Rid’s design worldwide. 

Barnacle Rid is  Certified Compliant

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