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barnacleRID Savings

BarnacleRid will save you money!

  • Reducing the need to Anti-foul as often

    In many cases over 6 years so far, with in field proven results

  • Racing Yachts using BarnacleRid now have an advantage

    In Race conditions less drag more speed

  • Reduce lift fees

    Labor, scraping and anti foul painting times, by extending periods of the need to do so

  • Extends the life of antifouls

    Prop coatings and similar products if used

After 38 Months, straight out of water

No need to re-anti foul or reapply prop speed

The above 64 foot steel cruiser’s owner has saved many thousands of dollars by using BarnacleRid since 10th of November, 2011.

Just one lift more than paid for his BarnacleRid system and every time since not requiring a lift and antifoul, saving more $$$

A vessel this size and weight uses a lot of fuel, this can easily double if barnacles are attached and the savings are very real and large.

Savings on Fuel with less drag, maintain your engine R.P.M and normal cruise/full speed, WOT.

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