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barnacleRID Prevents Barnacles

Electronic copper-ion System

Preventing barnacles from growing on your boat is really so easy with the barnacleRID system. Our sophisticated electronic controller consumes very little power, and it is compatible with all common boat power systems (including 110/240V, 50/60Hz mains systems).

barnacleRID Is CE Certified Compliant For European Use

barnacleRID Is Sold In Over 28 Countries

barnacleRID featured in the AFLOAT magazine with a feature article about barnacleRID in 2019, read article here, and in the Nautic Expo magazine. barnacleRID creates a copper ion electronic field around the boat’s hull.
Unlike ultrasonic systems, no hull installation is required. Instead, it consists of a wiring harness holding several electrodes that hangs from the boat when moored. Contact: or +61 410 541 920 or 1300 048 526..

barnacleRID is NOT Ultrasonic!

barnacleRID cannot by design cause electrolysis/galvanic corrosion.

Ultrasonic systems only work on a limited type of hulls and requires risky hull modifications for the installation. ULTRASONIC IS NOT environmentally friendly. It damages marine life on the cellular level.

barnacleRID works on all hull materials, types, without hull modifications and it is environmentally friendly.

Prevent Barnacles Like These Attaching To Your Boat

barnacleRID Kits Are Available For:

You will get all you need for an easy self Installation. CE Certified compliant.

barnacleRID 4 Electrode Monohull Protection Field Video

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Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Does It Cause Electrolysis?

barnacleRID does not cause electrolysis/galvanic corrosion, it was independently tested.
This report is available on request.

Where Do You Ship?

We ship direct to you world wide via:

How Do I Operate It?

barnacleRID only requires one person less than two minutes to lift and stow the electrodes, ready to sail or cruise away. On return simply spend another two minutes returning the electrodes to the water to protect you from barnacles again. The controller recognises when the electrodes are in or out of the water and automatically switches off and back on again, saving any input from you.
With a fixed Marina System you only drive in and out. No lifting or lowering of the electrodes is required.

barnacleRID Works On ALL Hull Materials

barnacleRID does not cause electrolysis/galvanic corrosion! We can provide independent test results upon request.

barnacleRID Copper Ion Field Operational Concept Video

barnacleRID Reduces Boat Running Costs
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barnacleRID System Components

Custom Wiring Loom

The barnacleRID system comes with a loom that is made for your boat based on your measurements and with slide on mounting clips.

See it here...

Suspension System

Each electrode comes with a nylon covered ply-core cord with 316 Stainless Steel hookup carabiner.

See it here...

Waterproof Connections

All connections, plugs and sockets, are the well proven high quality DEUTSCH connectors that we use on aircrafts and mining vehicles.

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Computer Controller

The barnacleRID system comes with a Computer controller with touch buttons. This is where the electrodes get connected.

See it here...

AC or DC Power Source

Boat powered systems come with DC connection. Mains/Marina system ships with AC connection. Hybrid powered option ships with both.

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Complete Electrode

barnacleRID systems come with 2, 3, 4, 8 or more electrodes, depending on the system ordered.

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User Manual & Storage

It comes with user manual for a simple plug and play setup. You also receive a convenient storage box with a floating key holder.

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Time tested In All States of Australia and in 28 Countries Internationally, continuously over 10 years. Our system has achieved 100% satisfaction of no significant Barnacle growth with all of our customers: A record we are proud of!

3 barnacle RID Setup Demonstration Videos

Select from the 3 videos from carousel and click play button on large image.


Very impressed with barnaclerids protection in these very warm waters in the top end Darwin as are my two neighbours who also use Barnacle Rid either side of my catamaran. It is working so well I decided to have a pro photographer take this photo of all three of our boats for you. thanks so much regards Andrew


Barniclerid is a great product. We are very happy with the results using them now for about 6 years. We have only been pulled out twice during this time for anti fouling and both times we (as were the people doing the clean) were amazed at how free of barnacles there were. We are a high speed catamaran and clean hulls are essential for fuel economy. We can’t recommend this product enough. Thanks Shane, regards Graeme and Sue …Tin Can Bay Marina.

Graeme and Sue G.

Here are the photos of my boat being pulled out at Royal Perth after 14 months in the water. The boat is clean apart from the residue on the ground of slime and a little weed which would have filled 1-2 20 litre Buckets. I am extremely pleased with this outcome.

Barry Guy

This tradewinds 42 (see two photos below) straight out of the water no blast after over 19 months since last antifoul, no barnacles on the hull whatsoever, a few on the bottom bow and prop, considering this boat hardly ever moves and is on its wharf for months at a time its a great result

Janis Kinnie

I brought Barnacle Rid several years ago after I just paid over $2000 to have my Farrier F9 a Trimaran antifouled. I wasn’t sure if it would work. It was vandalised once with someone cutting one of the leads.

I left in the water for over 4 years without barnacle problems. It was breeze to go out sailing  without the drag of barnacles. The only problem was having to quickly scrape off seaweed on the water line the odd occasion.

Rob F.


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